Catalan Exhibitors Mobile World Congress 2018

03 May, 2018

Catalonia has always had a strong industrial sector, which has today become an eager mobile industry client: ICT, business solutions, retail and smart cities represent the sectors with which mobile companies more frequently work. Other important sectors include transport, health and public services. ICT is also closely related to activity in Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, m-health, gaming, e-commerce, all of which are highly active sectors in Catalonia.

From 2012 to 2023 Barcelona will be the Mobile World Capital. This means that not only the international flagship mobile event will be held yearly here, the GSMA Mobile World Congress, but a whole range of activities and programmes all year around will create a dynamic professional ecosystem for the mobile and its satellite industries.This initiative has transformed Barcelona into the permanent global centre for mobile technologies, has involved the development of a business environment focused on this type of industry on an international level and has made Barcelona a global benchmark for mobile transformation.

New sectors like e-commerce or digital gaming are growing thanks to its business advantages and to the projects taking place in Barcelona as a result of the city being Mobile World Capital. One of the biggest pools of skilled workforce in Europe and the appeal of the city as a place to live and work have also progressively consolidated a hub of talent and opportunities on a European level.

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